Xtreme HyperText Movement for Luddites

Greetings, this is the official XHTML club (and blog)! This website is both a collection of HTML-focused websites and a simple blog; a lonely web designer screaming out into the abyss of the internet. Ranting and raving about the ever increasing bloat that is the "modern" web.

The Purpose of XHTML

I feel as though I get more and more extreme in my efforts to combat excessive web bloat across the internet. It started off with the creation of the 1MB Club project but has since expanded further - as you might have noticed.

This isn't due to a hatred towards CSS and JavaScript, but instead a hatred towards how horrible they are being used on the web today. What was once used for flourish or improving a user's experience is now used to directly attack and harm that user. I do not wish to be a part of that growing problem.

The Goal of XHTML

Simply put: there isn't one. I don't expect to change any minds on the subject of web bloat - especially "designers" since they tend to dig their heels in the hardest. It would be pretty incredible if tomorrow the world woke up and every website only used pure, semantic HTML and nothing else...but I'm a realist. Things will probably need to get much worse before they get better.

Slightly Hypocritical

I understand how strange this website/project might seem - considering my entire career is based upon being a web designer. Personally, I believe that heavily relying on styles and scripts for web page content was and continues to be a huge mistake. Maybe that puts me out of a job in the future. Maybe that creates new jobs based on this methodology down the line. Who can truly say? All I know is that people need to stick to their principles and I can't pretend that dumping a bunch of web shit on regular users is justified just so designers can get paid. There has to be a better way.